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TTNG (Sargent House)

+ Masterclass *Full Band*

29.4.18 - Small Pond, Brighton

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“Employing barely any distortion or guitar effects, the supremely intricate technical playing of guitarist Tim Collis makes for a beautifully wistful yet mathematically elaborate bedrock for bassist / vocalist Henry Tremain’s mellifluous tones and drummer Chris Collis’ atypical drumming patterns” – The Independent

TTNG have gained a huge cult following worldwide and are part of the well known Sargent House family (Russian Circles, Tera Melos, Chelsea Wolfe). This special full band masterclass will be a unique opportunity to get an insight into the bands unique sound, style and technique, discuss what it takes to maintain a successful touring band and a chance for some Q&A!

The class will take place at Small Pond Studios – based in central Brighton, after the bands performance the previous evening at Bad Pond Festival 2018 in Brighton.