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Space Blood

+ Bearded Youth Quest / Exploder / Death and the Penguin

15th August @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

Sorry! This event has already passed!

Space Blood is a 2 piece, theatrical, instrumental rock band from Chicago drawing comparisons to The Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job & Battles.

Two-piece loop fiasco Space Blood is as much a visual as an aural experience. Anyone who has seen the band will know that they have no inhibitions when it comes to their act. Covert plays in underpants. Edgin wears a crop top to garner some twisted sex appeal from his hairy gut. The band rip posters from the wall and eat them. Edgin dresses as a pig and is dry humped by Covert. Malort stains are everywhere. One must imagine this sort of bizarro performance when listening to Space Blood, which is just as strange as the music. In their latest effort Tactical Chunder, not only has the creativity of the band increased, there is a better synthesis between their sound and the unusual environment during their live act. – Fecking Bahamas