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Delta Sleep

+ Tangled Hair + Wild Cat Strike

20th Sept @ The Haunt

Sorry! This event has already passed!

Delta Sleep’s attraction has always come from the dynamics they produce. Drawing as much influence from punk, indie and electronic music as the math-rock world they’re home to, the band have previously released an EP and one full-length album to-date. They have toured across the UK, Europe, Japan and Mexico since their formation, whilst also repeatedly appearing at festivals such as ArcTanGent, Handmade Festival, Truck Festival and 2000 Trees. Now, encouraged by the burgeoning scene, the band make their return this summer with ‘Ghost City’, their first release in three years, which is due out this August on Big Scary Monsters.

What started as an earnest foray into pushing the boundaries of fledgling math-rock has morphed into something much more for Delta Sleep. The band surprise their listeners with every release by constantly tweaking and perfecting their sound, and their new album is no exception to this ethic. Not content to be defined by any strict sub-genre or category, Delta Sleep continue to push beyond the labels of just math-rock, demonstrating a firm command of structure and melody.

Special performance at The Haunt, Brighton.