THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND + Flamingods, InTechnicolour + Slugabed (DJ)

11th May @ The Haunt Brighton, UK.


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The Physics House Band


+ Flamingods
+ InTechnicolour

+ Our friend Slugabed plays weird records!




Words from comedian & writer, Stewart Lee:

‘Three years on here’s their second album, a super-dense sci-fi mindfuck of a thing, music scholarship charity case keyboards in combat with squally spacerock guitars, dub boom bass and multi-time-sig clatter; a territory staked out over mushrooms at break-time, on the top floor of the multi-story car park, overlooking the ‘70s Bauhaus shopping centre concrete functional fountain square, but now gone all Escher in the aftermath, like a black and white architectural schematic drawing dipped in tie-dye.

Mercury Fountain doesn’t stop, a twenty nine minute surge of tracks that it would be a crime to split apart, the kind of part work The Physics House Band’s progenitors aimed at but never quite produced, settling instead for gatefold sleeves that gave the illusion of structure and intent; a fulfillment of the Red-era King Crimson manifesto, channeled by boy-conduits that needn’t have even have known the source documents, learning their lessons instead from hints woven into the post-punk works of Radiohead, Tortoise, The Mars Volta and 21st century sub-krautrock.’

Pre-Order ‘Mercury Fountain’ – LP/CD/Digi

Out April 21 via Small Pond Recordings