The Physics House Band play a last minute home show in Brighton, UK.

The Physics House Band

1st September @ Sticky mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton, UK.

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Small Pond presents


The Physics House Band

A special performance from
The Physics House Band
+ Guest Musicians as a full live band

+ Special Guests TBA

**1st 50 Tickets – £6**
** 2nd 50 Tickets – £8**
**3rd 50 Tickets – £10**

1st 50 On Sale Monday 14th August

Mercury Fountain offers a feast of instrumental invention
– The Guardian

This rules

‘a super-dense sci-fi mindfuck of a thing, music scholarship charity case keyboards in combat with squally spacerock guitars, dub boom bass and multi-time-sig clatter; a territory staked out over mushrooms at break-time, on the top floor of the multi-story car park, overlooking the ‘70s Bauhaus shopping centre concrete functional fountain square, but now gone all Escher in the aftermath, like a black and white architectural schematic drawing dipped in tie-dye’ – Stewart Lee (Writer, Comedian)

Doors 19:00