Fuck Off Cancer Fundraiser for Dan from Cleft!

Fuck Off Cancer Fundraiser for Dan from Cleft!

8th Sept @ The Hope and Ruin, Brighton, UK.



Small Pond presents




+ Bearded Youth Quest

Exploder Than You

+ Small Pond DJ’s

Our friend Dan of turbo-prog band Cleft fame needs all our help to kick cancer right in the knackers. During a consultation meeting with his oncologist he was recommended treatment abroad with a special cancer clinic, but unfortunately this isn’t covered on the NHS and will cost in the region of £50,000. So we’ve pulled together this awesome line-up of friends to help raise some much needed cash!

All our proceeds will be going towards Dan’s #fuckoffcancerfundraiser

Those of you who know Dan will know what a truly remarkable person he is, and those who don’t can take our word for it. Let’s help him get the treatment he needs to be a happy, healthy human again.

Thank you to our friends at Sugar-Free Records for partnering with us to promote this event!


Doors 19:00