Luo is the alias of Brighton-based electronic musician Josh Trinnaman – a forward thinking experimental electronic producer and engineer who’s work has seen critical acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Clash Magazine, Notion + more.

Having built his name as a solo performer (supporting the likes of Death Grips and Venetian Snares), Luo has now transcended into a full 4-piece live group to expand the compositions into new territories.

The album features an explosive collection of percussive sounds, arp-ing synthesisers and guitar drones, all presented via Trinnaman’s focused electronic production.

The opening track sets the tone with a beautiful ambient introduction, moving forward into an arrangement containing all the elements which are set to be featured across the rest of the album, from intricate live drums to brass arrangements and cut up vocal samples.

Moving forward through the album, tracks like ‘Octopus’ and ‘Intertwined’ showcase the incredible live drums talents of Sam Hughes, and invite the listener to indulge in the beautiful soundscapes created around such huge breaks.

Even after numerous listens, the record is often quite difficult to place, but in the most enticing way.

FFO: Venetian Snares, Boards Of Canada, Tycho, Squarepusher